We consider the restoration intervention a complex and delicate matter, in continuous evolution, for which a remarkable sensitivity is necessary.

The path of the Company Capriello Vincenzo Srl starts mainly from the knowledge of the history of architecture that has allowed, over the years, to reach a real philosophy of restoration and architectural techniques.

The company strongly believes in the concept of structural rehabilitation, in the science and technology of materials. All these disciplines are interrelated and it is essential to place each intervention in the appropriate context, focusing on the value of the monument and the intended use. Our critical conscience considers the building in its aesthetic and historical value, ensuring, through the restoration, the readability of the passage of time.

For us, every restoration project must be evaluated case by case.

The company, in fact, has a highly qualified technical staff, to take care of every field of intervention through a specific training.

In addition, the Company guarantees compliance with safety standards and any other compliance in the sector.



  • Rome - Conservation and restoration works aimed at the maintenance and decoration of the Flavian Amphitheatre - Special Superintendence for the Colosseum, the Roman National Museum and the Archaeological Area of Rome
  • Rome - Restoration work and security of the embankment and the enclosure of the retaining wall of the Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo Complex - Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (A.P.S.A.)
  • Rome - Construction of roofs, investigations for the definition of the monumental consistencies and the archaeological particularities for the garrison of the embankments for the consolidation of the degraded and precarious structures of the Monumental Complex Augusteo - Special Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome
  • Rome - Works Cleaning, Restoration and replacement fixtures of the internal and external facades of the palaces Baracchini and Caprara - Ministry of Defense. Directorate General for Public Works III Department
  • Rome - Conservation and restoration works for the scheduled maintenance of the Complex of the Baths of Caracalla - Soprintendenza Speciale Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Roma
  • Rome - Palatine Roman Forum - Re-functionalization of the Kindergarden buildings, new bathrooms and creation of spaces for the enhancement of the monumental area
  • Rome - Fencing and overhauling of the Athenaeum’s roofs in Piazza Madonna di Loreto - Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma
  • Sermoneta (LT) - Restoration and use of the former Convent of San Nicola - Municipality of Sermoneta (LT)
  • Alatri (FR) - Construction of a staircase and local renovation in the Palazzo Conti Gentili - Municipality of Alatri (FR)



  • Naples - Restoration and re-functionalization of the Ex Convento dei SS. Severino and Sossio, headquarters of the State Archives of Naples, aimed at expanding the use and dissemination of archival funds of particular value - Municipality of Naples, Provveditorato Interregionale per le OO.PP. Campania and Molise, Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Municipality of Naples
  • Naples - Redevelopment and re-functionalization of the Monumental Complex Castel Capuano, included in the Great Project Historical Center of Naples. Development of the UNESCO Site - Municipality of Naples
  • Naples - Roof and waterproofing renovation works, interventions to secure the cornices, functional improvements of the spaces, new fire detection system, asbestos disposal and recovery of the Veterinary Building - University of Naples Federico II
  • Naples - Extraordinary maintenance work for the transformation of the South Wing of Palazzo Giusso in classrooms, study rooms and Internet Point - Istituto Universitario "L'Orientale"
  • Naples - Restoration of the interior and renovation of the guardhouse of the Caserma Nino Bixio, Headquarters of the IV Mobile Department of the State Police - Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Interregional Superintendency for the O.P. for Campania, the Molise, Puglia and Basilicata
  • Naples - Works of great urgency for securing the coverage of the church of the Certosa di San Martino - Ministry of Culture. Regional Direction Museums Campania
  • Naples - Executive design and works of enhancement and functional recovery of the monumental complex of Via Mezzocannone n.8, used as a University Library - Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities. Directorate General for Books and Cultural Institutes
  • Naples - Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works for the restoration of the facades of the architectural building "Palazzo Du Mesni-Gunzburg" located in Piazza della Repubblica, Naples - Condominium Piazza della Repubblica of Naples
  • Naples - Works of adaptation and preparation aimed at the full functionality and enhancement of the restored factories of the Park of Capodimonte: Porta di mezzo, Cellaio and Capraia - Ministry for cultural heritage and activities. Regional Secretariat for Campania
  • Naples - Restoration and adaptation of the building in Via Mezzocannone n.4 - University of Naples Federico II
  • Napoli - Lavori di Somma urgenza di Parco Tomba di Virgilio - Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici per il Paesaggio, per il Patrimonio Storico, Artistico e Demoetnoantropologico di Napoli e Province
  • Naples - Restoration works of the premises and external areas in the Presidential Complex of Villa Rosebery - Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Provveditorato regional to the OO.PP. for the Campania and Molise
  • Naples - Extremely urgent works for the restoration of the tufaceous face "Main entrance custodians of the state and monumental building of Castel dell'Ovo in Naples" - Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Provveditorato regional to the OO.PP. for the Campania
  • Naples - Works to adapt to safety regulations and to overcome architectural barriers in the San Pietro Martire Complex - University of Naples Federico II
  • Naples - Maintenance and cleaning of four marble statues, depicting Giordano Bruno, Gian Battista Vico, Tommaso D'Aquino and Pier delle Vigne present inside the Courtyard of the Statues of the University of Naples Federico II - University of Naples Federico II
  • Naples - Very urgent works to the State Property "Palazzine Rothschild" Villa Pignatelli - Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Campania
  • Naples - Consolidation and restoration of the Church S. Maria Visita Poveri (Lot 1-2-3-4) - Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape, for the Historical, Artistic and Anthropological Heritage, Naples and Provinces
  • Pozzuoli (NA) - Executive design and execution of the restoration and redevelopment of the Toledo Complex - Città di Pozzuoli (NA)
  • Benevento - Hospital Sacro Cuore di Gesù, FATEBENEFRATELLI - Religious Province of San Pietro dell'Ordine Ospedaliero San Giovanni di Dio, Via Cassia, Rome
  • Caserta - Consolidation and restoration of the roofs of the Royal Palace of Caserta, Central Cross West Wing - Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape, for Historical, Artistic and Demoetnoantropological Heritage, Province of Caserta and Benevento
  • Salerno - Renovation and restoration of Palazzo Galdieri - Comune di Salerno
  • Airola (BN) - Consolidation and restoration of the SS. Annunziata (1, - 2, Lotto) - Superintendence of Architectural Heritage and Landscape, Historical, Artistic and Anthropological Heritage, Province of Caserta and Benevento
  • Arienzo (BN) - Consolidation and restoration of the Church of S. Andrea Apostoli - Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape, for the Historical, Artistic and Demoethno-anthropological Heritage, Provinces of Caserta and Benevento
  • Aversa (CE) - Functional restoration of the Ex Pretura in Aversa - Municipality of Aversa (CE)
  • Casalnuovo di Napoli (NA) - Restoration and re-functionalization of Palazzo Lancellotti di Durazzo in the Municipality of Casalnuovo di Napoli (NA) - Comune di Casalnuovo di Napoli (NA)
  • Gesualdo (AV) - Consolidation and restoration of the Convent and Church of SS. Rosario (1 somebody-2 person-3 person-4 person) - Superintendence for Architectural Heritage for the Landscape, for the Historical, Artistic and Demoethnoanthropological Heritage of the Provinces of Salerno and Avellino



  • Lecce - Works Integrated valorization of the Mura Urbiche system. Recovery and use of the Mura Urbiche of the North - West - Municipality of Lecce
  • Lecce - Enhancement and functional recovery of the Monastery of Santa Chiara for cultural purposes including executive planning and coordination for safety in the planning phase - Municipality of Lecce
  • Lecce - Restoration works North West Wing and Completion North East Wing of Castello Carlo V of Lecce - Municipality of Lecce
  • Lecce - Environmental redevelopment, enhancement and use of the areas surrounding the Castle of Carlo V - Municipality of Lecce
  • Castrignano Dé Greci (LE) - Enhancement of Piazza Berlinguer and adjacent areas for the use of the historic center - Municipality of Castrignano Dé Greci (LE)
  • Lecce - Conservative restoration, static consolidation and functional recovery of Palazzo Vernazza - Municipality of Lecce
  • Corato (BA) - Redevelopment of Piazza di Vagno - Comune di Corato (BA)
  • Fasano (LE) - Extraordinary maintenance works, conservative restoration, static consolidation and change of use of the Center for cultural activities "Masseria Pettolecchia" - Immobiliare Verdemare SRL
  • Presicce - Interventions of "Recovery House Turrita and areas to be allocated to green public" - City of Presicce (LE)
  • Melpignano (LE) - Functional recovery of the municipal premises of the former Tabacchificio, for the establishment of an information center and tourist reception with tasting room - Municipality of Melpignano (LE)
  • Melpignano (LE) - Restoration and re-functionalization of the Palazzo Marchesale De Luca - Municipality of Melpignano (LE)
  • Novoli (LE) - Consolidation and restoration of the Municipal Theatre of Novoli sec. XIX - Municipality of Novoli (LE)
  • Novoli (LE) - Restoration and restoration of the Baronial Palace of Novoli - Municipality of Novoli (LE)
  • Novoli (LE) - Renovation of the former prison building for the Youth Hostel - Municipality of Novoli (LE)
  • Oria (BR) - Redevelopment of Piazza Cattedrale - Municipality of Oria (BR)
  • Vernole (LE) - Consolidation and restoration of the Castle of Acaya sec. XVI - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities Superintendence for Architectural, Artistic and Historical Heritage of Puglia



  • Ferrara - Completion of renovation, restoration and redevelopment of the complex Palazzo Massari e Cavalieri di Malta - Municipality of Ferrara
  • Ferrara - Repair with structural improvement after the earthquake of the Palazzina Marfisa and Loggia degli Aranci - Municipality of Ferrara
  • Foligno (PG) - Intervention for damage repair, seismic improvement and functional adaptation of Palazzo Onofri - Torrino, Foligno (PG)
  • Venice - Maintenance work of the Insula of Santa Maria Formosa in Venice 1 Phase; mud excavation, dry and static restoration - Insula S.p.A.
  • Ancona - Restoration work of the buildings above the Roman Amphitheater of Ancona and the Church of San Gregorio Illuminatore - Superintendence of Architectural Heritage for the Marche
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