Municipality of Presicce (LE)
“Recovery of Turrita House and areas to be used for public green" interventions.
2011 - 2013

Turrita house - Presicce (LE)


Turrita House is a historical and characteristic build of Presicce. The architectural structure probably dates to the middle of the 16th century and its original vocation was defensive, in fact the current building was known as the San Vincenzo tower and was one of the three towers erected to defend the city and, subsequently, it was enlarged and transformed into a noble residence.

The property is on two floors: the left wing of the ground floor is the candidate space for the Common Places measure. Turrita House has two entrances: an internal avenue which leads to the Garden and to the premises already managed by a local voluntary association and a wooden door of historical value which leads to the portion of space made available as part of Common places. In particular, the premises made available are: three rooms, an ordinary bathroom, and a bathroom for the disabled. In one room there is also an ancient fireplace.

The property has also an important historical garden which contains officinal plants and fruits trees. The garden in another strength for the collaboration between organizations. Turrita House is in historical center of Presicce and it’s a usable, functional, and suitable place for social and innovative initiatives. The restoration works involved the recovery and conservative restoration of the building as well as the construction of water, electricity, air conditioning and special systems. Furthermore, in the garden adjoining the building, recovery work and the construction of new flooring were carried out. The premises covered by the intervention are intended as a library and multimedia accommodation facility.

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