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Restoration and re-functionalization works of the Former Convent of Saints Severino and Sossio, headquarters of the State Archives of Naples, aimed at the expansion of the fruition and the enhancement and dissemination of archival funds of particular value
2019 – In progress

Ex Convento dei SS Severino and Sossio - Naples


The Naples State Archives, which occupies the rooms of the former Benedictine convent of S.S. Severino and Sossio, was founded as the "General Archives of the Kingdom" in 1808, in order to bring together in the same place the ancient archives of the institutions existing until the arrival of Joseph Bonaparte in Naples in 1806. After the Bourbon restoration in 1815, it changed its name to that of "Great Archives of the Kingdom" and the principle was established that not only the papers of the discontinued administrations, but also those of the administrations in force should be periodically deposited there.

Over the years the archive experienced a considerable increase in its documentary holdings, from 1860 thanks to the acquisition of the records of the Bourbon ministries and other central bodies, such as the Consulta di Stato and the Grand Court of Accounts, while during the 20th century it received disbursements from provincial or local bodies, such as the Prefecture, the Police Headquarters and the District Office of Direct Taxes with the records relating to the so-called Provisional Land Registry of Naples.

The complex currently occupies a large area in the oldest heart of the city's historic core, including Via del Grande Archivio, Via B. Capasso, vico S. Severino and Via S. Biagio. Various eras and functions coexist here: the monastery, the 19th-century archives and the modern cultural institute, with Roman-era relics, 19th-century precision instruments, and the Lapidary Map, the oldest "piece" of the Archives. Its four, splendid cloisters marked its rhythms, giving access to the Chapter House, a place for debate and discussion, and the great Refectory, the heart of the daily life of the monastic community. The restoration work includes the restoration of the original accesses to the Monumental Complex, the redevelopment of the First Atrium with the redefinition of the lodgings of the two casekeepers, thanks to which the second access from Vico S. Severino can be restored.

The interventions proceed with the resurfacing of the terraces of the Platano Atrium and the Marble Atrium with subsequent restoration of the marbles. In addition, the facades will be resurfaced and fixtures replaced. Adequate lighting and restoration of the frescoes in the Hall of the Catasti Onciari, created by Belisario Corenzio in the early 17th century with a complex Christological cycle, complete the work. Although they are badly damaged due to the juxtaposition of the cabinets containing the ancient folders, through the restoration work it is possible to add to the Parables of Jesus of the vault, four more scenes with stories from the life of Christ favoring the completion of the iconographic cycle of the Chapter House.

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