Over the years, Capriello Vincenzo Srl, acquires considerable experience, both for public and private entities, specializing not only in architectural restoration, but also in civil works.

Construction, maintenance or renovation works are completed through the installation of electromechanical, electrical, telephone systems and finishes of any kind. Moreover, the company pays the utmost attention to each individual project, carrying out functional works in line with the most modern construction techniques, using state-of-the-art materials and applying the latest industry regulations: quality control, safety and environmental management.


Today's market demands constructions and installations made following the most modern construction criteria, with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Here are some of the most important constructions and plant works we have carried out:



  • Rome - Roofing works, investigations for the definition of monumental textures and archaeological features for the garrison of embankments for the consolidation of degraded structures in a precarious state of the Augustan Monumental Complex - Special Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Rome
  • Rome –Work to complete the preparation of the cable routes for the security systems of the archaeological area of the Roman Forum Palatine and laying of the fiber optic network


  • Naples – Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work on the Buon Consiglio Hospital in Naples - Religious Province of St. Peter of the St. John of God Hospitaller Order, Via Cassia, Rome
  • Naples - Demolition work on the former Cavalcanti Institute building complex located in Via Manzoni, Naples
  • Naples - Executive design of the works of enhancement and functional recovery of the Monumental Complex of Via Mezzocannone n.8, used as the University Library of Naples - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Directorate General for Library Assets and Cultural Institutes. Directorate General for Library Assets and Cultural Institutes.
  • Pompeii (NA) - Functional completion works, overhaul of air conditioning system and UTA, overhaul of electrical, water and sanitary systems and building works (II Lot, 1st Part) - Archaeological Park of Pompeii (NA)
  • Naples - Civil works for the renovation of Stec office premises located in Naples Via G. Ferraris - Sei S.p.a., Enel Group
  • Naples - Painting works of the iron supports of the Public Lighting Plant at the East - North/East division - Sei S.p.a., Enel Group
  • Casalnuovo di Napoli (NA) - Redevelopment works of the Ex Moneta Cittadella Civica Area and Equipped Park
  • Giugliano in Campania (NA) - Civil works for the construction of an elevation of the Giugliano Agency Building - Sei S.p.a., Enel Group
  • Giugliano in Campania (NA) - Construction works Elementary school, 25 classrooms, in Via Pigna - Giugliano in Campania (NA)


  • Presicce (LE) - Upgrading and energy efficiency of the municipal building Ex Convento dei Padri Carmelitani S. Giovanni Battista - City of Presicce (LE)


  • Foligno (PG) - Intervention for damage repair, seismic improvement and functional adaptation of Palazzo Onofri - Torrino, Foligno (PG)
  • Carbonia (CA) - Extension works for the construction of the Services and Locker Room c/o the "Sirai" Hospital in Carbonia (CA) - S.L. No. 7, Carbonia (CA)

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